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newI am midway through my morning practice and am stopping to thank you for improving my life. It is so nice (more that nice) to have an instrument that responds the way I want it to do so. I have been struggling with the F#3, G#3 etc. and had begun to wonder if I was just too old to play the flute! Now I know I have many good years left---thanks to you. I love everything you did on it. It is like you read my mind of what I didn't like and fixed it.
- Patricia George
Charlie Here's a news article from The OBSERVER [Dunkirk, NY, January 13, 2013] about the customer for the One-Hand Saxophone developed, fabricated, and delivered by Brian.
VIA e-mail from a customer in Brazil...


Message: I am from Tatuà , State of São Paulo, Brazil and work at the Conservatório Dramático e Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos de Tatuà ; I would like to mention a special thanks to Brian, for his high quality service and personal atention to me in the effort to repair a Muramatsu flute who was almost to be not possible to repair if not for his willness to chalenge to repair almost every rim, to polish, to fix posts and ribs, new pads and strings, just about a ressunraction of the instrument. The instrument is great now and I share and sinverely recomend Brian's service for his professional and personal atitude.

From: Mário Medeiros (
Brian is the most patient person I know. He has been working with me for approx 8 yrs and saw me through nearly a dozen hand surgeries, making numerous modifications to my flutes along the way. Innovative key-extensions, shifting components to functional positions, and in some cases, creating something entirely unique- all to serve the ever-changing disease-process going on with my hands- so that- though no longer able to work- I may continue to enjoy playing the flute! As he refers to my hands, "a work in progress," so are my flutes.

Six months ago I moved from WI to Colorado and one week before Christmas found myself in need of a technician. After a careful search I located a qualified person in Boulder, but only after communicating with Brian did I feel safe to place my altered instrument into her care. The pads were replaced without injury to Brian's work-of-art, and in awe of my instrument she referred to Brian as an "ABSOLUTE GENIUS"... and that he is!

Thank you Brian, again and again,
Joanne LaDouceur
      [pop-up an image of altered flute]
I discovered Brian years ago while he was working for an instrument repair department in a music store. It was clear to me then as it is now the Brian is a gifted craftsman who is able to reconstruct and refurbish quality wind instruments of all kinds well beyond expectations.
      He has helped me with an number of vintage professional saxophones and clarinets to the point that they feel and sound better than brand new. I would trust Brian to restore value to any instrument he works on. Five Stars!
- Chuck Engberg
A happy customer, Stephan, posts on forum site.
Just wanted to thank you again for the exceptional work you did in restoring my trombone. I was able to take it onboard the plane to Abu Dhabi and we all arrived safely. I took the horn out today and started playing. The horn looks beautiful and the slide works great.
Thanks again,
- Scott Benson
Hello Brian,
WOW! What else can I say? My flute looks beautiful and plays beautifully too! Thank you, not only for craftsmanship, but also for your artistry, because that's really what it is.
- Carole Martin
We have worked together with Brian for years and always enjoy his warm attitude combined with his dedication to precision and knowledge of the industry. It's a great combination for the music world!
- Jim Kelly - Machinist (Kelly Mouthpieces)
Hello Brian!
The parts and the instrument turned out absolutely perfect! The customer (as well as myself) was very, very pleased with the quality of your work!
- Michael Barr - Repair Technician

If you’ve had a good experience you’d like to share, I’d love to post it here. Please let me know...


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